07 April 2017

This is a members-only event. If you want to become a member please contact fomex.wa@gmail.com

14 August 2016

It is with great pleasure that the committee would like to invite you to celebrate Mexican Independence Day on Saturday 17th September, from 6 pm to 12 am in the Redcliffe Hall, in Belmont. Same place as last year. 

The format will be the same as previous editions:

- The fiesta will be for members only. You may renew your membership or become a member on the night. Or fill this form and send it to us by email, with a copy of your deposit.

- People will bring a Mexican dish to share. Bring enough food for you and your family, plus a bit more so that everyone can have a chance to try many dishes.

- FOMEX will pay for the hall, non-alcoholic drinks, music and tortillas.

- If possible bring your children wearing a regional costume to participate in El Grito ceremony.

- You may bring guests to the fiesta under the following conditions:
    - You bring enough food for you, your family, your guests and a bit more.
    - Your guests 12 and older will pay $20 AUD each. This money will go towards paying FOMEX's expenses.

- Please let Gigi Schettino (eugeniaschettino@gmail.com.au) know if you are planning to come and what dish you will bring, to avoid too many repeats.

As usual, we will need help to decorate the hall, set the tables, help in the kitchen (1 hr shifts), remove the tables, cleaning and transporting stuff to the hall. If you can volunteer for one or more of these activities, please let Gigi know.

We have more activities in store, stay tuned.

14 September 2015

Our traditional members-only fiesta will take place on Saturday 19th September this year
If you want to be part of this celebration, come and become part of Friends of Mexico

28 August 2014

Independence Day Celebration 2014

Another year has passed and we should be getting ready to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, FOMEX style. This fiesta is for members only, you may become a member or renew your membership on the day. Alternatively, fill in this form and send it to us with evidence of your payment.
Please let Gigi Schettino (eugeniaschettino(at)gmail.com) know what dish you are bringing to avoid repeats.

Please RSVP before September 8th.

02 May 2014

Breakfast with the ambassador
On Saturday 3 May, 2014 (7:30 am!), FOMEX's committee had breakfast with the Mexican Ambassador to Australia Hon Armando Álvarez Reina. 
The ambassador confirmed the embassy's continuous support to the association. He informed the committee that the next Mobile Consulate will take place in July. Any Mexicans in need of this service should contact Ms Eugenia Schettino who is collating a list.
The ambassador also mentioned that the real ambassadors in Australia are the Mexicans who live here. He commended and thanked the work FOMEX does in WA, and encourages us to continue sharing Mexican culture and heritage in Western Australia.

03 November 2013

Mission accomplished!
Thanks to our fantastic group of enthusiastic volunteers all events in Northbridge Piazza were a big success. Photos showing all the work done have been posted in our Flickr account. Click on this link.